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Global Economic Slowdown

Target date: mid-October.

Global trade growth has slowed to its lowest rate since 2008. Flows of foreign direct investment have fallen to their lowest levels since the financial crisis. Economists have shaved their growth forecasts for almost all major countries this year. With the global economy slowing, the hunt for explanations is heating up. How much is cyclical versus structural? How much can be attributed to the Trump Administration’s policy changes, especially the 2017 tax reform and the President’s hard-ball trade tactics? How much can be laid at the feet of other policy bodies? As the IMF and World Bank meetings wrap up, we will hear from a set of expert panelists who will discuss what’s happening in the global economy.

global health.png

Promises and pitfalls of health innovations across sub-saharan africa

Target date: mid-November.

Will emerging health technologies usher in a era of rapid human and economic development in some of the world’s sickest and poorest places? Or will political realities on the ground simply frustrate our best efforts? The debate about health care innovation can swing from breathless pronouncements to deep cynicism. Join us for a small-group discussion about the promises and pitfalls of emerging health innovations for addressing the persistent development challenges across Sub-Saharan Africa.


future of US foreign policy

Target date: early December.

With its vast military, economic, and institutional power, the United States wields tremendous influence over political developments abroad. At the same time, however, U.S. domestic politics, fiscal realities, complex economic and technological interdependencies, and foreign leadership decisions necessarily restrict the scope of our actions. Join us for a headline speaker who will discuss recent shifts in U.S. foreign policy, including how the global order continues to evolve and what tools the United States retains for shaping the global future.


Academic WorldQuest

Target date: early February.

Academic WorldQuest is a national competition sponsored by the World Affairs Councils of America. Each year, roughly 4,000 students representing 50 local councils across the United States participate in qualifying tournaments at the state and regional level. Winning teams qualify for the national finals held in Washington each April. For the upcoming 2019-2020 season, the WACNJ will host a state-level competition. The costs of attending the national competition will be covered by WACNJ.