A NJ-based nonprofit delivering independent, informative, and thought-provoking programs on global affairs

  • We are the newest member of the World Affairs Councils of America, a network of roughly 90 councils in 42 states.

  • We will bring top policymakers, thought leaders, academic experts, and senior diplomats to New Jersey to speak about geopolitical events, key U.S. foreign policy debates, impacts of globalization, humanitarian crises, and more.

  • We will engage, inform, and connect New Jersey residents who are curious about world affairs and want to explore the ways in which U.S. foreign policy affects our communities.

  • We will create opportunities for students and educators to deepen their understanding of world affairs.

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Our events will include speaker events, small-group dinners, school-based programs, and other activities.


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We are part of a nation-wide nonprofit network dedicated to public education on global affairs.


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